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We all know that the huge importance of donations we can donate in several ways like by doing any work by contributing knowledge by serving food by donating food by donating water etc. These acts of donations are very important in our life. Food, cloth and shelter are the basic human needs without which humans can’t live life. with these basic needs we just live and with the passage of home these things are extinguish however, these are certain things which one can contributing knowledge, then one feels & hungry person serving food then his stomach is filled. But h doesn’t learn how to earn food. If this art of eating food is taught then he can take care of himself as well as his family. Being a responsible citizen he/she an encourage other people too. This divine knowledge given in our ancient India at free of cost therefore ancestors lead a very health and peaceful life. From birth till the end of the life knowledge of each and everything is important like respecting parents , teachers, elders & society, country, nature, love and affection toward the younger ones, compassion for animals for progress in our life we need hard work, dedication, perseverance, faith, integrity, honesty. We have to take care of our food habits in order to lead a healthy life. One must do exercise to remain fit and to understand the real importance of it. In this way one needs the knowledge of each and every thing to succeed as well as to enjoy life in real forms. Since this knowledge is not given to the society people today are trapped in different unresolved, physical as well as mental ailments. At very young age people suffer with diseases. Students who fail in the very basic exams like 10th and 12th finish their lives through addiction and suicide. Family relationship is not sustained today due to lack of faith between each other. day by day corruption, exploitation poverty, unemployment are increasing the real cause behind this is the lack of knowledge. There is no lack of anything in this word. The main lack is of knowledge only which is responsible for all problems. This divine knowledge is the base of our ancient Vedic education (gurukul) system with the peaceful foundation of gurukul India was called vishvaguru. This knowledge was available free of cost for all. It was 3 hundred years ago in India. But with the emergency of British rule the gurukul system was up sooted deliberately by the Global power. Since then the whole world is moving towards the moral decay. Shivganeshyoga foundation gurukul is trying to spread this divine knowledge of ancient Vedic gurukul system to world. We here appeal you to join us in this Nobel work your small donation can change the world.

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