SGYF Gurukul Conducting Free Workshops For Everyone Under Fit India Movement Campaign

स्वस्थ व्यक्ति, स्वस्थ परिवार और स्वस्थ समाज यही नए भारत को श्रेष्ठ भारत बनाने का रास्ता है।


The relationship of success and fitness is also interlinked. Take any field today, look at your icons, see their success stories, whether they are in sports, films, business, most of them are fit. This is not just a coincidence. If you read about their lifestyle, you will find that one such thing is common in every such person. Common character of successful people is their focus on fitness. If you are in any profession, you have to bring efficiency in your profession, then mental and physical fitness is important. Whether it is Boardroom or Bollywood, whoever is fit touches the sky. When we pay attention to fitness, try to be fit, then it also gives us a chance to understand our body. It is surprising, but we know very little about our body, our strength, our weaknesses. Today, many lifestyle diseases like diabetes, hyper tensions are increasing in India. Look around you, you will find many people suffering from them. Earlier we used to hear that the risk of heart attack increases after the age of 50-60, now the youth of 35-40 years are having heart attack. Lifestyle diseases are happening due to lifestyle disorders. Lifestyle disorders can be cured by making lifestyle changes. There are diseases that can be overcome by making small changes in your lifestyle. The name to inspire the country for these changes is Fit India Movement. Spontaneous physical exertion, fitness, exercise, should be the topics of discussion in everyday life in the family. This is not the case in India suddenly. Rather, such campaigns are felt in need all over the world today. When we embark on our journey of fitness, we begin to understand our body better. I have seen many people who have known and recognized the power of their body. This has also boosted his confidence, which has helped him in building a better personality. Even though the government has begun the Fit India Movement, all of you have to lead it the people of the country will carry forward this campaign and will reach the height of success. I can say from my personal experiences that there is Investment Zero in it, but the returns are unlimited

Free Yoga Teacher Training Certificate courses under Fit India Movement Campaign

There is a great career scope of yoga not in India but also in abroad. After the arrival of International Yoga Day, Yoga is being adopted rapidly in the country and the world. People’s trend towards yoga in India is increasing rapidly. People are adopting yoga because of the better and positive effects it has on their body and brain. In such a situation, yoga has become not just a means of keeping the body healthy but a wider industry in which there are immense possibilities to make a career.

In these courses the ancient knowledge of  Vedic Yoga as well as the advanced time to time developed exercises and Meditations are taken.  It includes warm up exercise, Asana’s , Pranayama, Yogic Shudhikriya,  Tratak, Philosophy of yoga, Anatomy + Physiology, Lifestyle and Ethics for Yoga Teachers and applied Teaching Methodology. Study of Bhagavat Gita and Patanjali yoga sutras, Power Yoga Suryanamskar and Chandranamaskar variations,Chair Suryanamskar variations,Advance pranayama techniques, Yoga therapy in details Yogic anatomy, Different Advance meditation practice, yogic games and Group discussion and presentations, technique  etc.   Besides Yoga for every diseases  is  a special  program  undertaking  to  cure a specific  disease like diabetes , B.P. , Asthma, Acidity  back pain  migraine, Overweight ,  yoga for pregnancy, Yoga for hyper tension, Yoga for Memory,  concentration, Yoga for stress free life  Yoga for Goal  Achievement, Yoga for everything. Additionally, the main emphasis is on to teach the candidates the good qualities of a yoga teacher. Because whomsoever is going to teach should be the ideal one. He/she has to undergo the training on stress management, time management, physical fitness and soft skills. The one who undergo this training will not only earns money but also lead a healthy and peaceful life. They will never feel stress forever. They will serve the nation as well as the society.

Suddhikriya body and mind cleansing workshop


In this workshop we work on body and mind. Here we practice different Yogic shuddhkriyas such as Jalneti, Rubber Neti, Vaman Dauti, Prandhara, Shankhprakshalana, Asanas, Pranayama etc. Through these kriyas we remove all toxin, from our body that was there for long years. During these programs one undergoes a complete cleansing process of one’s body like a vehicle which after servicing appears like a new branded one. Along with this, the learners are taught the power of 7 Chakras in Human life. Meditation is also taught where the learners learn the technique of Chakra Healing. After completing three days training people experience rebirth. It has been observed that during these 3 days people have reduced their weights from 3 kgs to 5 kgs.


Nowadays people all over the world are looking forward to their health, seeking yoga teachers all around, in today’s busy life, everyone wants to do yoga but cannot find time, keeping in mind these things, we have prepared yoga teachers training courses is. In which people can learn yoga for themselves and if they can do part time or full time job as a yoga teacher and can also make a good career in yoga in the future, There is a great career scope of yoga not only in India but also in abroad.


free yoga teacher training
Chakra Rahasya Meditation Workshop


In this workshop the learner learns about the different energy centres that exist in our body. Primarily there are 7 to 11 chakras in our body. The main objective of this workshop is to clean the different chakras in our body and cure the diseases. In simple language we can understand the chakras as emotions or feelings in our body. These feelings or emotions are only called chakras in spirituality. We are internally connected with the universe being a superpower. Each of our thought makes a very powerful impact upon this universe. In our body these are 7 main chakras of emotions and when these emotions are imbalanced it affects the body badly. The emotions of selfishness, hatred, anger and irritation disturb our chakras. When we learn how to get rid of all these negative feelings and replace them with the positive feelings like love, peace, joy, happiness, then it balances our chakras and eventually it leads a disease free life. In this workshop one learns how to get rid of negative emotions and build up positive emotions though out our body. It is life changing training workshop where the learners transform his/her life forever.


We have designed this workshop with the inspiration of late Rajiv Dixitji who was propagandist for Swadeshi. In this workshop the thorough knowledge is given on what diabetes is and how to cure it permanently through projector presentation. The mistakes that we do in our daily routine and the physical and mental losses that happened on the account of daily habits is the main cause of any disease. The learner learns what the relationship of fear, anger and stress with the disease like diabetes is. Without taking any medicine one can cure diabetes completely following a complete balanced daily routine and changing daily habits as well as thought pattern. In India, today there is one or two patients in each family and people take medicines throughout their life and still diseases remain uncured. Here at SGYF within two days the illusions that people have about many diseases is cleared. People develop confidence during the sessions and start living a strong healthy and new life. One shall remember this that diabetes can be controlled as it also to be cured well.


Yoga for diabetes
Personality Development Yoga


Today in the world  &  globalization if anybody  wants  a job  then  he/she  requires efficient  skills,  good manners and  moral values as well as good communication skills. In  today’s education system  those no much emphasis on this  students complete their  formal education  theoretically sometimes  students select their  course due to parental and  peer pressise through  they  don’t  have  any  interest in  that. Therefore it so happens that after completing the course they don’t feel like to do any job. It they   join it they don’t continue it positively.  They leave job one after another thereafter since they don’t have getting interest it any me.  They don’t  succeed  in their  like due   to this lack of understanding   and  guidance  and  in  later part  of their  life  they  blame  either their  parents  such as or the Government. They face economic instability which led the issues like poverty stress. The unsolved misery led them   to the addictions like smoking Cigarettes and alcohol etc. The fall the company at bad people to fulfil the bad habits which they are addicted. If you want to succeed in either any business or job one   requires good and balanced mind as well as body. Besides, one requires planning hard work, dedication patients, confidence, communication skills, humanity, honesty etc.  One needs to leads one personality internally as well as externally. To have all  these  points into mind  this program  is designed for the   youth   where   they are  thought  how to control  their  emotions,   building  up  good habits and  they  are  trained to achieve their home  goal in their  life.


In this materialistic world, our desires go on multiplying. Also load of responsibilities increases and it leaves us stressed. We cannot get rid of our responsibilities nor can we run away from them. Over a period of time, this stress full situation makes us physically and mentally sick. For that we need to energies ourselves from within. Here Astanga yoga assists us to control our stress by making us physically and mentally strong, so that we can enjoy every movement of our life.Stress has become a common catchphrase in our society today which results in a host of difficulties. We all thrive under a certain amount of stress, deadlines, competitions, confrontations, and even our frustrations and sorrows rise our stress level. Since stress cannot be totally washed out in today’s hectic life, our goal here at the Yoga class is not to eliminate but to let people learn how to manage it and how to use it to help us. Learn to lead a healthy life under stressful situations at our workshops.