In this workshop the learner learns about the different energy centres that exist in our body. Primarily there are 7 to 11 chakras in our body. The main objective of this workshop is to clean the different chakras in our body and cure the diseases.

In simple language we can understand the chakras as emotions or feelings in our body. These feelings or emotions are only called chakras in spirituality. We are internally connected with the universe being a superpower.

Each of our thought makes a very powerful impact upon this universe. In our body these are 7 main chakras of emotions and when these emotions are imbalanced it affects the body badly. The emotions of selfishness, hatred, anger and irritation disturb our chakras. When we learn how to get rid of all these negative feelings and replace them with the positive feelings like love, peace, joy, happiness, then it balances our chakras and eventually it leads a disease free life.

In this workshop one learns how to get rid of negative emotions and build up positive emotions though out our body. It is life changing training workshop where the learners transform his/her life forever.

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In this workshop we work on body and mind. Here we practice different Yogic shuddhkriyas such as Jalneti, Rubber Neti, Vaman Dauti, Prandhara, Shankhprakshalana, Asanas, Pranayama etc. Through these kriyas we remove all toxin, from our body that was there for long years. During these programs one undergoes a complete cleansing process of one’s body like a vehicle which after servicing appears like a new branded one. Along with this, the learners are taught the power of 7 Chakras in Human life. Meditation is also taught where the learners learn the technique of Chakra Healing. After completing three days training people experience rebirth. It has been observed that during these 3 days people have reduced their weights from 3 kgs to 5 kgs.