We have designed this workshop with the inspiration of late Rajiv Dixitji who was propagandist for Swadeshi. In this workshop the thorough knowledge is given on what diabetes is and how to cure it permanently through projector presentation.

The mistakes that we do in our daily routine and the physical and mental losses that happened on the account of daily habits is the main cause of any disease. The learner learns what the relationship of fear, anger and stress with the disease like diabetes is. Without taking any medicine one can cure diabetes completely following a complete balanced daily routine and changing daily habits as well as thought pattern. In India, today there is one or two patients in each family and people take medicines throughout their life and still diseases remain uncured. Here at SGYF within two days the illusions that people have about many diseases is cleared. People develop confidence during the sessions and start living a strong healthy and new life. One shall remember this that diabetes can be controlled as it also to be cured well.

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In this workshop we work on body and mind. Here we practice different Yogic shuddhkriyas such as Jalneti, Rubber Neti, Vaman Dauti, Prandhara, Shankhprakshalana, Asanas, Pranayama etc. Through these kriyas we remove all toxin, from our body that was there for long years. During these programs one undergoes a complete cleansing process of one’s body like a vehicle which after servicing appears like a new branded one. Along with this, the learners are taught the power of 7 Chakras in Human life. Meditation is also taught where the learners learn the technique of Chakra Healing. After completing three days training people experience rebirth. It has been observed that during these 3 days people have reduced their weights from 3 kgs to 5 kgs.