Indian Ancient Wisdom for Modern lifestyle

Indian Ancient Wisdom for Modern lifestyle

People have become so much busy today and they are trapped in the technology world. But it is very important to give some time for Yoga to experience the real essence of it. If the practice of Yoga is done properly under the guidance of experienced teacher then it can make miracle in your life. The actual meaning of Yoga is relation and balance. The one who studies Yoga and practices it under proper guidance and continues it every day then he/she progress in his/her life. One needs support from people to go ahead in life and how much people will support you it completely depends upon your relationship with them. Apart from relationship, if one wants to be productive then he/she has to develop concentration. And physical fitness is very important if one wants to have concentration while working yoga balances the different energy in our body as well as mind.
Additionally, it improve your relationship with society at large finally it plays a crucial role imping a feeling of Vasudev kutumbhakam (The whole world is my Family) within Yog. In this way it creates satisfaction in relationship and balancing in body and mind.

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In this workshop we work on body and mind. Here we practice different Yogic shuddhkriyas such as Jalneti, Rubber Neti, Vaman Dauti, Prandhara, Shankhprakshalana, Asanas, Pranayama etc. Through these kriyas we remove all toxin, from our body that was there for long years. During these programs one undergoes a complete cleansing process of one’s body like a vehicle which after servicing appears like a new branded one. Along with this, the learners are taught the power of 7 Chakras in Human life. Meditation is also taught where the learners learn the technique of Chakra Healing. After completing three days training people experience rebirth. It has been observed that during these 3 days people have reduced their weights from 3 kgs to 5 kgs.