In 2010, SGYF started conducting Yoga sessions for the people in Nerul, Navi Mumbai. It started with the primary objective of providing Yoga training wherein trustee Ganesh Karapu himself and his family members conducted yoga sessions. While conducting yoga sessions & training we found that the main cause behind stress and different physical ailments is lack of knowledge about one’s physique and mind. Our continuous research and experiments in yoga made us to believe firmly that Yoga is the only remedy for all physical and mental diseases.



 With the mission to provide the essence of Yoga to the common people. SGYF started taking sessions in temples apartments, schools, and colleges. We wanted to reach to many more people therefore a team of yoga teachers was built where the candidates were trained and certified. The dedicated team of teachers successfully expanded the work of SGYF conducting, training individually at home.

Chakra healing, Shuddhikriya and Meditation: Seeing a very positive and enthusiastic response from the learners we started taking session on larger scale. We designed workshops of two days and Three days training yoga and successfully conducted for masses at different residential places, ashrams and resorts etc.

In this wonderful journey of teaching yoga we found transformation in the life of the learners and we realized that yoga is valuable knowledge given by our ancient sages. Everybody has the right to learn and practice yoga irrespective of one’s class, caste, religion and ethnicity. Therefore, with the mission to provide the knowledge of yoga to all either free of cost or at affordable prices SGYF was established as a trust in 2017.


At present in the trust along with the trust members many volunteers, yoga teachers, Naturopathy specialist are involved and giving their valuable services for the wellbeing of society.

The three hours workshop on Food and Mood the learners are guided on food eating habits water drinking rules, daily routines, sleeping habits etc. Similarly, the other programs like Stress Management, Weight management and Anger management, Parenting workshop, Personal counseling and Family counseling are conducted. These programs are conducted for well-being of the society which play a pivotal role making the whole world a good, healthy and holy place to live. 

Shivganeshyoga Foundation Gurukul, is a place where the mysteries of ancient yoga are very easy to understand and the direction and strength is given to change your life. Health means not only the body being healthy, but the whole existence of human being is said to be healthy, all round means With whom we are walking, for whom we are living, for which we are working, that is our whole existence which is made up of four things Yes, those four things are our body, mind, wealth, and public relation, A healthy body and a happy mind, rich in wealth and sweetness in relationships are made of all these things, our basic existence is called health. There are many schools in the world, where only people are taught to be healthy by exercise, or by food. And how to keep the mind happy with many good ideas is probably taught, different things are taught in such different places. But here Shivganeshyoga Foundation Gurukul is such a place where human being is taught how to grow in a holistic manner and how to progress successfully in life. The goal of SGYF Gurukul is to give this precious knowledge to everyone free of cost and this service has also started. 

Come, you should also join our Swast Bharat Sashakt Bharat Abhiyan so that together we can build a healthy India and a healthy society. 



About SGYF
Shiva Ganesh Yoga Foundation About Us

If we want a permanent solution for any problem we need to understand or identify the root cause behind it. If we have any problem or disease and we want a solution on it then it is very important to identify the root cause behind it. And when we don’t’ identify the root cause and do something for temporary relief we can’t solve that problem permanently. We find that many people who have physical aliment for long years and trying to cure the disease and not getting any solution eg. Diseases like diabetes, B.P. Asthma, Acidity Etc. It shows that the solution to cure these diseases is not in medicines. According to WHO (world health Organization) mind is responsible for all physical and mental illness. We live life considering that we know all things. Still our life doesn’t come on the path that we desire. One has to understand this problem if we know everything then we must have to know the art of controlling our own mind. If it had happened everything could have happened as per our desire. We would not have trapped into different diseases then we wouldn’t have failed. Moreover, we would not have negative thoughts. All this shows that we know about this world, about people, about how to earn money but we haven’t learnt the skill of controlling our mind through our education system. Education is not the learning of facts but the training of the mind to think. Here at SGYF we train people how to control their subconscious minds while going through all our specially designed unique workshops. People identify the root causes behind their life problems following all teaching methods the learners find themselves capable of overcoming all their physical as well as mental illness.