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Since time immemorial, people are searching for true happiness. they have reached mars (mangal grah) in search of that happiness. It is true that wordly gains give us contentment and joy but it is transient and lasts for a short time. Then a person loses balance in his life and that causes depression and as a result of that people suffer from physical as well as mental diseases.

To come out from such disaster, he starts searching for the super power who controls this entire universe. That power is not out side, it is within us. But we are not aware of it. The moment we realize that power, then we get answers to all our problems, whether physical, mental, financial or emotional.

In their 18 years of research Mr. Ganesh karapu and his wife Samruddhi karapu(with their team of competent yoga trainers) are helping the people to perceive that power within themselves and make their life full of unalloyed happiness and prosperity.

This program is designed since almost 2 decades with their research and experience. The duration of this program is one month and people from all walks of life regardless of any religion, caste or creed can join. This is like a unique journey towards spiritual knowledge and those who are interested and dedicated in this journey will definately get what they aspire.

This program is designed for all age group of people, children, adults, housewives, and also professionals, everybody will be benefited by attending our yoga workshop(Chakra Rahasy) workshop.

Often we notice that in companies, people lack team spirit, adjustment, no sincerity towards their work and no respect for their seniors. And at times bosses, due to lot of work pressure, are not aware of their employee’s problems. It gives the employees feeling that they are neglected and are not taken care of by their seniors so they do not stay in company for long and go on changing their job. Ego and lack of tolerance is also a main factor. It is true we all work for money, because money is something without which we can not survive but only money should not be the motivator. This program emphasizes on how to work whole heartedly , with commitment and with dedication towards our work. By practicing yoga and by joining our workshop the employees will work honestly and the company will get good results. And there will be harmony between the employee & the Bosses.

In this long journey of life, to get continues success physical and mental fitness is very much required. so some companies, in order to mental peace and happiness, arrange outings for their staff for their recreation , because they believe that all work and no play will make jack dull boy. If there is no physical and mental exercise, the mind and body will start loosing their creative power and will get rusted. In this competitive world, physical and mental fitness is very much essential not only for bosses buy also for the employees.Keeping this in mind Shivganeshyoga and his team has designed this program

There is direct correlation between general well being of employees and efficiency at their work place. keeping this in mind, Mr. Ganesh karapu has designed special training programs for Corporates. Companies that include yoga as a part of their life, find that they have healthier employees who take fewer sick leaves. The yoga sessions also contribute to a sense of team building. Consequently team productivity increases with employees exhibiting better morale and stronger camaraderie. All of these factors add to an overall reduction of stress in the office. Other benefits related to yoga are creativity at work, better mental clarity and improved focus, stress-free relaxed state of mind, both at home and at the workplace. Our training modules can be modified to suit the needs of the corporate clients.

To know more about corporate training contact; 8898107822, 9987821962.

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In this workshop we work on body and mind. Here we practice different Yogic shuddhkriyas such as Jalneti, Rubber Neti, Vaman Dauti, Prandhara, Shankhprakshalana, Asanas, Pranayama etc. Through these kriyas we remove all toxin, from our body that was there for long years. During these programs one undergoes a complete cleansing process of one’s body like a vehicle which after servicing appears like a new branded one. Along with this, the learners are taught the power of 7 Chakras in Human life. Meditation is also taught where the learners learn the technique of Chakra Healing. After completing three days training people experience rebirth. It has been observed that during these 3 days people have reduced their weights from 3 kgs to 5 kgs.