जिंदगी लड़ने से नहीं, समझने से जीती जा सकती है !

The Ancient Mysterious Wisdom of Chakras for Holistic Wellness and Modern Lifestyle.

LIVE Online Workshop through ZOOM

On This Saturday & Sunday

7th MAY 2022, 8th MAY 2022


Language of the workshop HINDI

A unique WAY to get Permanent Solution for any kind of Physical, Mental, Financial, and Family Problems.

Grab this opprtunity to attend worth Rs: 1,999/- workshop is now ABSOLUTELY FREE.

Who should attend this workshop?

Who wants to be free from any kind of physical disease like…  Obesity,  Diabetes, High BP, Weakness, Acidity, Hypothyroidism, Back Pain, liver disorders, Asthma, Migraine Etc…

Who should attend this workshop?




High BP



Back Pain

liver disorders

Who should join this workshop ?

who want to develop their immunity power and protect themselves from any kind of virus.

Who should attend this workshop?

Who wants to be free from any kind of Mental Illness like Stress, pressure, Fear, Anger, laziness,







For whom else can this workshop more helpful?

Who want to conquer their financial problems.

Who else can take advantage of this workshop ?

Those who want to fix problems in their family and relationships.

“ सकारात्मक विचारक को कोई भी जहर नहीं मार सकता !

नकारात्मक विचारक को कोई भी दवाई बचा नहीं सकती !”

For whom can this workshop prove to be a boon?

* Those who want to keep themselves and their family fit and healthy.

* who want to enjoy their life to the fullest.

* who want to fast progress in their field and career.

* Those who want to increase more happiness in their sweet home.

* Those who want to do social service with their talent and knowledge.

join us to create a healthy society

The Great secret of 26 years long Research and Experiment which is going to Surprise You.

Grab this opprtunity to attend worth Rs: 1,999/- workshop is now ABSOLUTELY FREE


Shri Subhash Karapu

Subhash Karpu

Subhash Karpu is a passionate Yoga teacher as well as a great practitioner having more than 13 years of professional experience in the field of Yoga and Spirituality. He has done a BA (Bachelor of Arts) in Yoga Shastra from Somaiya Vidyavihar University Mumbai. He has a deep knowledge of different types of Yoga, Advanced Asanas and Pranayama, Mudra, Shuddhi Kriyas, Acupressure therapy.
He motivates and helps the students to work hard to achieve their goals. Subhash Karapu currently studying for MA in yoga shastra, he is also taking regular online sessions for individuals and groups.

Ramesh Karapu

Ramesh Sarole

Ramesh Sarole is a highly motivated and energetic Certified Yoga Instructor with over 13 years of professional teaching experience in the field of Yoga and Fitness. He has been awarded the Best Teacher of the Year Award by Shivganeshyoga Institute in the year 2013,
He has been serving VIP people by making himself a perfect yoga teacher by studying and practicing deep knowledge especially in the field of yoga and fitness for the past 13 years. He specializes in Stretching & Balance, Cardio workouts, Strength training, Pilates & Cross-fit Training Expert.
Students’ experiences and they say Ramesh Sarole does his duty honestly towards the student whose responsibility he takes, also He is such a great personality that has many good things which are worth learning like time management, and humility, honesty.

Ganesh Karapu

Ganesh Karapu

Ganesh Karapu The founder and chairman of Shivganeshyoga Foundation (SGYF) is one of the well-known and experienced yoga Trainers. He is a Inspirational speaker, Author. 

He has done a lot of research and attained valuable experience in the past 26 years in meditation and energy healing and has unraveled many secrets of Chakras, Yoga, Mindpower, and Spirituality.

He has designed many techniques and has mastery in teaching in simple language how to create mental and physical balance according to the individual needs in an easy way so that even a common man can achieve Success and Happiness in his Field/Career/Life.

He conducts different types of Online and Residential workshops on Chakra Healing and Meditation, Yoga Teacher Training Courses, Stress Management, and Health Awareness Programs. These workshops transformed thousands of people’s lives and people benefited with Health, Wealth, Happiness from the divine knowledge of our Ancient YOGA and Meditation.

What are you going to learn in this workshop?

1) You will understand the cause of every disease and will also get solutions.

2) you will learn 3 Eternal Laws of the universe.

3) you will expiernce 2 different worlds of self-awareness.

4) wisdom of chakras and their system of how it works.

5) Very simple 4 steps to change our habits and beliefs for Ever.

6) Easy Meditation technique to Connect with Universe for holistic healing.

7) you will find Basic purpose of your life.

आइए मिलकर ज्ञान और खुशी का प्रकाश फैलाते हैं ! जीवन को उत्सव बनाते है।

Grab this opprtunity to attend worth Rs: 1,999/- workshop is now ABSOLUTELY FREE.

FAQ frequently asked questions

Once you register for the workshop you will receive a congratulation message on your email and on whatsup number. Two hour before the session Zoom Link will be shared on your WhatsApp number You can join directly by clicking on the link 10 minutes before the start of the workshop.

sometimes If due to network problems and any other problem, if you don’t get zoom link in email and whatsup, you can write us directly at our email address or you can also write on Whatsup number.

Yes, of course, you can attend this workshop with your whole family and also you can invite your friends by sending them the link to this workshop. This will be your biggest contribution to creating a healthy society.

Those who want to get rid of any physical illness like diabetes, acidity, BP, overweight Etc. any mental problems like stress, anxiety, lack of confidence Etc. Those who want to get financial freedom in their life. Those who want to bring unity in their family and improve their relationship. those who want to learn something new, those who want to achieve something in their life, those who want to change their habits. those who want to make their dreams come true. Who want to do social service.

Instant benefits of this workshop :

  • After this workshop, you will start to understand yourself deeply.
  • Healing of every disease will start from the root level.
  • You will see reducing overweight naturally.
  • Your perspective of seeing yourself, others, the world will become positive.
  • You will become a master to control anger and to manage emotions.
  • You Will conquer your laziness forever.
  • Your weaknesses will become your strength.
  • There will be so much sweetness in your words that it will win the hearts of everyone.
  • You will be rich in your memory power and concentration power.
  • Your ability to take right decisions will increase.
  • You will start doing work creatively.
  • You will be endowed with the divine powers of patience and self-confidence.
  • Your life purpose will be clear in front of you and you will start to work in that direction.